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Levi Siver is a RedBull sponsored athlete widely recognized as one of the worlds best wave sailors. Hailing from the North Shore of Maui he is arguably the best windsurfer of his generation when it comes to tackling extremely big and gnarly waves. Levi came to us looking for a website portal that would highlight some of the sickest wave sailing images he has collected in recent years. He also requested an expandable gallery for video segments which he releases on an regular basis.

With an athlete of Levi’s stature it was a goal to minimize the graphic components of the site to provide an unimpeded, full screen, viewing experience of his legendary sailing imagery. This website project has helped Levi expand his brand as an athlete as well as launch his new venture, Siver Windsurfing, which offers windsurf instruction and guided windsurf adventures for the advanced level wave-sailor.

Photography: Courtesy Levi Siver: Erik Aeder, Michael Clark


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