Kazuma Surfboards

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Kazuma Surfboards, established in 1988, has been manufacturing custom-made Surf, SUP and Kite boards for some of the best athletes in the world. Master shaper Matt Kazuma Kinoshita has been at the forefront of the Standup Paddling revolution which is one of the most popular water sports of our time. When Kazuma decided to expand their legendary custom SUP board series to include a full range of production boards they employed the Eh Team Inc to ensure their SUP collection would standout in a sea overflowing with competitors.

In addition we have been instrumental in helping Kazuma refine their complete product range to be more cohesive as well as expand their business model to include SUP carbon paddles, fins, leash ropes, and surf stomp pads. To date Kazuma has evolved as a superior brand on the global market with a exceptional range of products and marketing material that clearly accentuate their image and help draw new customers to discover the superior performance of their boards and accessories.

Photography: Courtesy of Kazuma


Kazuma Premium Epoxy Series Logo

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