Hot Sails + Kauli Seadi 

Graphic Design
Logo Design
Product Graphics
Print Design  

In 2013 legendary wave Sailor Kauli Seadi, 3 x PWA Wave world campion, joined forces with Hot Sails to design and develop a groundbreaking new sail concept for Wave conditions called the KS3. Kauli is an icon in the sport of wave sailing and it is no surprise that his KS3 started a revolution and remains the benchmark for sailors who strive to attain his cat like prowess on the wave face.

Photography: Courtesy of Hot Sails

Sail Design Concept

We were tasked with creating a timeless logo for the KS3 and then developing a graphic look for his sails that evolved for each new season.

Sail Logo



Accessories Design

Building off of the success of Kauli Seadi’s sail model we helped create a strong accessories collection bearing his name. The logo needed to be simple and clean so that it could be die cut for the boom grip.

Verticle Logo

Horizontal Logo



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