The Eh Designing Company Inc. (nom de guerre The Eh Team Inc) is a Vancouver, Canada based boutique-style design studio.  The Eh Team Inc, founded in 2005, specializes in design and branding.  We create identities and help bolster new and existing brands of all shapes and sizes. We approach each project with great enthusiasm, eager to apply all of our experience, but knowing that each challenge is unique and that is what we love. 

Our philosophy is to provide successful, innovative design solution with an acute attention to details with dedicated personalized customer service.  The Eh Team can handle your most important graphic design needs.

Glenn Haslbeck

Chief Designer & Founder

Prior to founding the Eh Team, Glenn accumulated over 10 years of sales and marketing experience working in cooperation with companies like Nike, Adidas, Arena, TYR, Mantra and Norco Bicycles.  In 1997 he first unearthed his creative talents and began painting as a hobby.  Not too long after this point he was given the opportunity to be involved in the industrial design process by providing conceptual drawings for both the swimming and sunglass industries.

Glenn is a recognized character in the sport of wave sailing (windsurfing).  His contribution to the sport doesn’t end on the water.  His passion and artistic designs have become the foundation for several well know windsurf companies’ marketing strategies.

We are a small, independent graphic arts studio. We specialize in building brand identities by collaborating earnestly with clients from the beginning of their vision all the way through to the implementation and beyond.

We believe that a successful project is established through a personal collaboration and partnership with our clients. We listen to all of our clients needs intently and make certain that we fully understand their objectives and target audience. It is our main mission to ensure that our clients stand out in their distinct markets.

Our design capabilities are finely tuned to function across all applications — physical, digital, and spatial. We define ourselves as a study that ensures high quality production and impeccable execution. We strive to work with brands that understand the importance of investing in production as well as high quality design.

Brand Identity: 

Strategy & Positioning, Naming, Logotypes & Brand Marks, Identity Systems, Brand Guidelines

Visual Communication:

Graphic Design, Illustration, Type Design

Tactile Media:

Packaging, Editorial Design, Book Design, Printed Materials, Posters

Digital Media:

Website Design, Motion Graphics & Web Banner Ad Designs


Graphic Environments, Set & Retail Design, Exhibitions, Signage & Wayfinding

The Eh Team Inc is invested in projects of varying scales and scopes both locally and internationally. Our clients are athletes, artisans, entrepreneurs, and game-changers. From start-ups to global brands, our long term commitments are founded on a shared passion for design and creativity, down to every last detail.

Consumer Products:

Hot Sails, Kazuma, Rocket Composites, AHD, Angulo, LeeLoo, Nelson Factory, Sean Ordonez Shapes, Pompei Beach

Professional Organizations/Athletes:

iDive, Levi Siver, Morgan Noireaux, Mark Angulo, Graham Ezzy


Meravista, Answers in Realty


Citi Loc


Maui Makeup Artistry, Open Heart Reiki, Seymour Plumbing

Media Productions:

Poor Boyz




Maui Cultural Lands